Title: Design And Implementation of Space Vector PWM based 3-phase Multilevel Inverter with Data Acquisition Using LabView


    Multilevel inverters offer several advantages compared to the conventional 3-phase bridge inverter in terms of lower dv/dt stresses, smaller rating and better output features. This project presents a 3-Level diode Clamped Inverter using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation technique as the control strategy. The elementary concept of a multilevel inverter is to achieve higher power to use a series of power semiconductor switches with several lower voltage dc sources to perform the power conversion by synthesizing a staircase voltage waveform. The general structure of the multi-level inverter is to generate a sinusoidal voltage from several levels of voltages which are usually obtained from capacitor voltage sources.
   SPWM and SVPWM techniques have been applied to formulate the switching pattern for three-level inverter that minimizes the harmonic distortions at the inverter output. The algorithm has been developed within the carrier-based PWM framework to facilitate its implementation in diode clamped inverters with three levels.

Advisor:  Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif   

Group Members:

Name:Jamshaid Khurshed
Phone: 0300721779

Name:Mughees Ahmed

Name:M. Nauman

Name:Umer Shahid