Title: Conveyer Belt Control Using Induction Motor For Industrial Applications


    Experimentation and implementation, is the essence of learning in the field of engineering that is highlighted by the final year project. The economic growth of a country depends on a flourishing industry and betterment in its work certainly gives a boost to the previous outcomes. We have highlighted the role of inverters by fulfilling the control requirements for both parameters, that is, voltage and frequency simultaneously. Speed control of induction motors is a major concern of today’s industry, and while different techniques are being employed for it; in this project V/F control has been utilized. The control is executed using the STM series F1 and F3. Usage of STM controller for such applications has not yet been dealt with at this level, which is why our study becomes important and more elaborate. The gating sequences for inverter switches have been done with simple PWM pulses. Where the actual concern is implementation of speed control to conveyor bel
   ts; that are widely used in industry, speed control may be applied for several other functions too. An innovative idea is its use in the restaurant business, where food is kept onto conveyor belts and moved around as the customers sit nearby without having to wait for the order. Its implementation here in Pakistan is indeed ground-breaking.

Advisor:  Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif   

Group Members:

Name:Maham Naeem

Name:Fatima Muhammad

Name:Warda Gul

Name:Sabooha Saadat