Title: Appliances Control Using Android Application


    This project deals with the control of various electric appliances from a remote location using an Android application. The objective is to support the elderly, the disabled and the ones who may forget to turn OFF the appliances while being away. The communication has been done through LAN cable and Wi-Fi module using SSH after assigning an IP address to the Raspberrypi. The hardware module includes Relay control circuit and Intensity control circuit. The instrumentation module senses the voltage and current of the load connected and ADC is used to get the feedback. The Android application provides the switching and intensity control and displays the current status of appliances. The system which is intended to control the electrical appliances has relatively low cost design, user friendly interface and ease of installation.

Advisor:  Dr. Muhammad Tahir   

Group Members:

Name:Hafiz M.Saboor
Phone: 03234242561

Name: Hafiz M.Umair
Phone: 03224971746

Name: Nayyar javed
Phone: 03239830030

Name: Suhaib Suhail
Phone: 03224423333