Title: Variable Speed Conveyor and its Applications using PLC


    This project deals with the multifunctional conveyer whose starting and stopping mechanism is controlled through the HMI screen. This is a multispeed conveyer belt driven through a three phase induction motor. It has been designed to run at variable speeds. To achieve precise control of the speed of the belt, Variable frequency drive has been used. This drive controls the speed of motor by employing V/f method i.e. the ratio of output voltage and frequency is kept constant while varying speed of the motor. The control signal is given to the VFD through the PLC for varying the speed. Conveyer belt has infrared sensors mounted along the periphery of the conveyor to serve different purposes like intelligent motion of belt in forward or reverse direction. The direction is decided by the object placed on conveyer belt. If it is placed at right side of the belt, PLC gives control signal to move it to the left side and vice versa. Speed variation application is used to convey the object from one end to the other end at the desired speed. Eight different levels are available for eight different operational speeds. Any eight speeds can be set according to the application in which conveyer has to be used. Sorting of objects based upon their height is another application that has been implemented through height sensors. Counting operation is also implemented in order to stop the conveyer after specific numbers of objects are received at the receiver end.

Advisor:  Dr. Muhammad Tahir   

Group Members:

Name: Aaqib Javed
Phone: 0332-4755307

Name: Hassan Trmizi
Phone: 0347-4014685

Name: Mahnoor Khalid
Phone: 0341-4101119

Name: Naila Nazar
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