Title: Prototype of a Wind Power Generator


    This project implements a design of a maximum power tracking system of wind turbine for battery charging application and further driving AC load using inverter. A wind turbine is used to generateDC output (24 Volt DCat 200 RPM), which is further fed to a buck converter. The turbine speed is maintained at its maximum power point by manipulating the output current of the generator using a buck converter.The MPPT is implemented by using Perturbation & Observation Methodin which current is perturbated through buck converter and output power is observed.
   The output voltage from the buck converter is further controlled by a boost converter using a PID controller to regulate its output voltage for charging a battery(12 Volts). This work is developed for a 30W wind turbine system with a brushed DC motor.The efficiency of the proposed maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm and stable output voltage for battery charging application are verified through experiments. Further, single-phase inverter is used to drive an AC Load.

Advisor:  Dr. Muhammad Asghar Saqib  

Group Members:

Name:M. Ali Rehman

Name:Muhammad Umar

Name:Ussama Nayyer

Name:Fawad Saleem