Title: An Intelligent Automatic Phase Transfer System For Reliable Power Supply


    In the present scenario of 3 phase applications, A 3 phase machine requires all three phases for its proper and continuous operation. When one out of three phase is lost, a loaded three phase induction motor cannot start or may stall under load. The current flowing in remaining winding(s) will increase approximately to 600% of the nameplate rating. Winding insulation subjected to locked rotor current may fail in as little as 15 to 90 seconds. This winding insulation damage is permanent and cumulative. Motor should not be started with phase loss and if they stall, they must be discontinued immediately. The life of a motor operating with a 3% continuous voltage unbalance at full load will be cut in half. Also a motor may vibrates badly and ultimately shuts off damaging the inner part.
   However we have come up with a new techniques to operate an induction motor without interruption. The product that we have developed will solve the problems related to 3 phase applications. Our basic purpose in this project is the uninterrupted operation of a 3 phase load say an induction motor even if one of the phases is not present. For this purpose, we will use the concept of generating the third phase from remaining two phases by considering the vector addition techniques and algorithm.
   For this, we are using 1:1 ratio transformer for adding two phase in order to get the lost third phase. The circuit is accompanied with a number of AC Relay operating in synchronism with each other following interlocking and reclosing operation automatically.
   The product is very useful in those industries, factories and commercial areas where machines are operating on 3 phase supply. Normally in a three phase supply if one or two phase fails , power will not be there in the gadget connected to that particular failed phase(s), to avoid these failures, we bring Intelligent Three Phase Switching, which shifts power from alive phase to the failed phase(s) instantaneously, thus keeps all the circuits alive.

Advisor:  Muhammad Bilal  

Group Members:

Name:Abid Gul

Name:Ahmed Asif

Name:Chandra Bhushan

Name:Usman Israr
Phone: 03465183204