Title: Implementation of Micro-Controller Based Distance Protection Of Transmission Lines


    Distance relays are used for the protection of transmission lines based on the measurement of impedance of lines up to the fault point. Current and voltage signals from the secondary sides of CT and VT are provided to the distance relay that responds to the ratio of these input quantities in order to detect faults in transmission lines. There are manly four types of distance relays. These relays are classified based on the shape of their operating characteristics. These characteristics can be achieved by implementing the corresponding algorithms with the help of microprocessors/microcontrollers.
   In this project we will implement a microcontroller based distance relay, and demonstrate the relay operation with the help of transmission line (short length, medium length and long length) models. This distance relay will be programmable via USB port and its settings will be possible with the help of on board setting buttons or it can be downloaded from computer via USB port.
   On the completion of project final module (distance relay simulator) can be used for studying and implementation of different distance relaying algorithms. This will be helpful for under graduate and graduate students for their research work.

Advisor:  Muhammad Bilal  

Group Members:

Name: Muhammad Tahir
Phone: 0333-1690612

Name: Farhan Mehboob
Phone: 0304-4264229

Name: M. Masood Akbar
Phone: 0332-4815402

Name: Sharjeel Ahmed
Phone: 0331-7920462