Title:   A Wireless Self Powered Micro Controller Based Monitoring Circuit for Grid
           Connected Systems


   The project aims at development of Smart Metering Circuit and power quality analysis of any grid connected element from a remote location. A Data Acquisition circuit is connected at the grid element to be monitored. The circuit is powered through solar panel and collects the data of grid connected element and transmits it to the control center.
   Microcontroller used in the Project is ARDUINO MEGA 2560. Its Clock Speed is 16MHz.Its Seven ADC Channels are used. Sampling Rate of ADC is 9.6 KHz.
   For grid-connected system, monitoring is considered as a crucial aspect for observing the stability and performance of the system. The simplest method is to have the data collected and transmitted across data cables. Due to the cost and technical limitations of the data cable, the monitoring station needs to be located reasonably close to the monitored plant. Apart being inconvenient, the use of data cable often adds capital and maintenance cost to the system. In this project, a Zigbee S1 Module is used for Wireless Transmission and Receiving.
   Voltage, Currents, Real Power, Power Units of Three Phase Circuit are Monitored at Real Time, using Real Time Programming Concepts.
   The Data Received from Zigbee is then utilized in LABVIEW using (NI-VISA) to Plot Output of Voltages and Currents.
   After the Plot is Obtained, the Electrical Parameters like (Power Factor, Reactive Power) will be displayed using Electrical PC-Suite (LAB-VIEW).

Advisor:  Habib Wajid   

Group Members:

Name: Amjad Ali
Phone: 0332-8704797

Name: Umar Farooq
Phone: 0333-8725121

Name: Usman Munawar
Phone: 0336-5526885

Name: M. Rizwan Saeed
Phone: 0334-6968682