Title: Design and Implementation of Hardware of an On Board Computer for a Micro-


    This project is based on Pakistan National Student Satellite program initiated by SUPARCO. It is a one of its kind venture in which for the first time students have been given the opportunity to build a microsatellite that will be launched into space. The microsatellite will orbit the earth and transmit live images/video to the ground station. It is a 50kg class satellite with an average power consumption of 50W that will revolve in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) at an altitude of 500km.
   One of the main building blocks of a satellite is the On Board Computer (OBC) system which is the brain of the microsatellite. It has a number of responsibilities among which the major functions are controlling the attitude of the satellite, health telemetry of the Attitude Control System, fault detection, isolation and recovery and acting as the redundant unit for the Data Handling Unit.
   For the proper operation of the satellite, the stringent requirements for the space environment must be met which dictate the working temperature and power consumption of the components used. The interfaces and communication protocols must be able to suppress noise so that minimum data is lost. All of these requirements have been taken into consideration in this project.
   Finally, a test bench hardware platform has been prepared to simulate the controlled motion of the satellite in space. The hardware platform is made to replicate the three types of motion of an aircraft which define the attitude; roll, pitch and yaw.
   By the end of this project, we intend to deliver a robust design of the OBC unit to SUPARCO which can be fully or partially incorporated into the satellite.

Advisor:  Dr. Hassan Jaleel   

Group Members:

Name: Furqan Tariq
Phone: 03214448916

Name: Hassan Mahmood
Phone: 03314943061

Phone: 03248446049

Name: Salman Shahid
Phone: 03224736553