Title: Design and Implementation of Algorithms for Attitude Control Micro-Satellite


    SUPARCO Pakistan is building a micro satellite of dimensions 50x50x50 cm each, with weight of 50kg, and power consumption not more than 50W. It shall operate in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) of 450~700km attitude. The satellite shall be able to support imaging, communication, and scientific payloads of its class.
   The mission life of the satellite will be one year. In this project, different modules are assigned to multiple universities. Some of these modules are Power Supplying Unit (PSU), Data Handling Unit (DHU), and On-Board Computer (OBC). We are working on Software detailed design of an OBC module, Attitude control subsystem (ACS) module of SUPARCO Pakistan National student satellite (PNSS-1).

Advisor:  Dr. Hassan Jaleel   

Group Members:

Name: Ali Ayub
Phone: 03365349073

Name: Bilal Ahmed
Phone: 03055933787

Name: Fahad Butt
Phone: 03349701201

Name: Maryam Badar
Phone: 03464761239