Title: Implementation of WIFI Based Home Automation using Master Slave


    With advancement of technology automation is becoming a part of our daily life. Ranging from household problems to industrial scale problems automation is becoming essential to facilitate us. We have targeted this vast field of automation to provide innovative solutions to control a large number of appliances. The hot field in the automation side is through WIFI based master slave communication which enables us to wirelessly control numerous appliances and to embed security like alarm systems, voice recognition et.al.
   Our project presents a design and prototype implementation of new home automation system that uses WIFI technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. Control of large number of appliances is made possible using Master-Slave communication. One Master is capable of controlling 108 slave controllers but multiple masters can be used via WIFI routers bridging. Master-Slave communication is achieved using standard I2C communication protocol. A user can switch On or Off an appliance via PC/Laptop application (GUI) either locally using TCP/IP protocol or remotely using internet. Along with switching control of Appliances, dimness control for fluorescent bulbs and electric fans is also provided.

Advisor:  Dr. Khalid Mehmood Hassan   

Group Members:

Name: Ali Shafique
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Name: Arslan Waheed
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Name: Hamza_omar
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