Title: SCADA Based Control of Plant


    We intend to develop a control system for a controlled plant in which intelligent instrument technology, computer technology, communication technology and automatic control technology are integrated. It will be able to control the processes of pressure, flow, liquid level and so on with multi control schemes. At the same time it will also ensure general purpose configuration of plant, real time supervision, data acquisition, a friendly man-machine interactive interface. The most important factor for successful operation and management of plant is information. To operate and manage something means to make decisions based upon accurate information. It is accurate not only if the content is correct but also if it is provided in time.

Advisor:  Dr. Khalid Mehmood Hassan   

Group Members:

Name: Aqeel Farooq
Phone: 03234533703

Name: Arslan Zahid
Phone: 03334788009

Name: Muhammad Yasir
Phone: 03334530081

Name: Munum Ibraheem
Phone: 0333-4681237