Title: Designing a Highly Reliable Hardware for Data Handling Unit of a Microsatellite


    In this project we have work on the hardware design of data handling unit (DHU) of the command and data handling sub-system of Pakistan National Student Satellite-1. Data handling unit is the brain of the satellite and plays a pivotal role in the autonomous operation of the satellite. It controls the communication between the satellite and the ground station as well as among the other subsystems of the satellite. Our project group will be part of a larger team working on several other units of the satellite.
   Data Handling Unit is a part of Command and Data Handling Subsystem (CDHS) .The major functions of the Data Handling Unit are:

  • Telemetry collection and processing
  • Tele command generation and execution
  • Overall system Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery
  • Autonomous operations
  • Advisor:  Dr. Kashif Javed  

    Group Members:

    Name:Waleed Mansha

    Name:Ateeb Akbar

    Name:Hammad Ijaz

    Name:Tayyab Malik