Title: SCADA based smart grid


    Smart Grid is the automation of a conventional power grid integrating modern wireless communications, computers and control systems technology. Smart Grid is an intelligent grid capable of making decisions to run and maintain its operation with a minimum disturbance and human effort. Our project focuses on fabrication of a Smart Grid module that implements a home or user-end of a smart grid. The module is capable of feeding into the grid from a renewable energy whenever possible source using Grid Tie technique. This reduces the overall burden on the national grid and also net generation is increased at micro level. The module also contains a backup source in case of power outages. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition has been used to implement a distributed control among different microcontrollers throughout the module. The communication infrastructure and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been implemented using XBeeZigBee modules. The module can be acces
   sed and controlled from a central control unit outside the module by USB or a Wireless interface that provides user with full and remote control to his home power unit.

Advisor:  Dr. Khalid Mehmood Hassan   

Group Members:

Name:Haleema Qamar

Name:Hafsa Qamar
Phone: 03338211793

Name:M. Haseeb

Name:Farrukh Humayun
Phone: 03336348352