Title: Autonomous Flight of Quadcopter in GPS Denied Environment


     This project is an autonomous flying robot (Quadcopter) which is implemented through attitude control, height control, and an onboard autonomous navigation system using rangefinders and SLAM based algorithms. Attitude control is implemented using PID control technique through which quadcopter can fly stably even having external disturbances. In order to control altitude during the flight a PD control is used with an ultrasonic sensor installed under the quadcopter. Altitude control is also provided with a feedback of battery voltage to compensate the steady state error due to draining of battery. Autonomous navigation control system includes vertical take-off and landing, obstacle avoidance, hovering through wall references and path planning during the flight. Control methods for hovering and navigation inside the building are implemented through scanning, mapping and localization of quadcopter of external environment using LASER rangefinder. Due to payload and computation limitations laser rangefinder having capability of scanning in only 2-D plane is used and all control methods and navigation system is implemented using only one microcontroller. Communication of the system with ground station during the flight is also described through which quadcopter sends sensors data to the ground station which is displayed and plotted at run time.

Advisor:  Dr. Muhammad Tahir   

Group Members:

Name: Fahad Umer
Phone: 0321-4407157

Name: Ibraheem Inam
Phone: 03344303895

Name: Hany Manafi Ansari
Phone: 03314934353

Name: Shaftqat Husnain
Phone: 03437581972