Title: Design and Implementation of Static VAR Compensator for Power Factor Control


    Generally power systems are subjected to small contingencies resulting from minor load changes to change in mechanical inputs to a power system. After an abnormal condition, when a system converges to some new values it is said to be dynamically stable system. Many techniques are utilized nowadays to rectify these contingencies. Restrictions on the construction of new system have forced the design engineers to look for some unconventional solutions to increase the power system stability and efficiency. Since the construction of new power system are both expensive and time-consuming, solution to the problem has been found in Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices.
   This project describes the implementation of SVC on single phase to provide improved Voltage stability, controlled power factor, and efficient Reactive Power feeding. Main purpose of the project is to provide reactive power to the system to improve power factor and time for which capacitor and inductor are added in the system has to be made variable.This has been achieved by using Triac and relays.We monitor the power factor through microcontroller and when it is below certain limits than capacitor(inductor) is added for lagging load(leading load) by switching the Triac through relay.

Advisor:  Major Javed Iqbal   

Group Members:

Name:Hassan Manzoor

Name:M. Asif Kullah
Phone: 03468728821

Name:M. Haroon Hameed
Phone: 03334401154

Name:M. Obaid Aleem
Phone: 03365731170