Title: Variable Frequency AC Drive For Running Three Phase Induction Motor Using


    This project is concerned with Microcontroller based speed control of three phase Induction Motor fed from a Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulated Inverter. An H-bridge inverter using six N-channel MOSFETs is used, each MOSFET conducts for 180 de- grees and gating signals of each phase are advanced by 120 degrees. When it is required to provide wide range of speed control, normal three phase supply at 50Hz with voltage control alone is not successful due to the unstable region in the Torque-Slip charac- teristics of the motor. Hence it is necessary to go in for variable voltage and variable frequency mode of operation. The objective is to implement variable frequency si- nusoidal PWM inverter in order to control the speed of the induction motor using microcontroller. The design process of VFD is broken up into two stages: The AC- DC converter and the DC-AC converter. First a single phase AC voltage of 220V is converted into DC voltage using single phase bridge recti er. After recti er power is stored on a DC bus. The dc bus contains capacitors to accept power from the recti er, store it, and later deliver that power to the inverter section. The Inverter contains MOSFETS (switching devices) that deliver power to induction motor. The frequency control circuit uses STM32F407 microcontroller.

Advisor:  Major Javed Iqbal   

Group Members:

Name:M.Umer Shafique

Name:Umar Khalil
Phone: 03126491213

Name:M.Sultan Shahid
Phone: 03344440138

Name:M. Farhan Ashraf