Title: Bottle Filling and Capping Mechanism Using Arduino


    Filling is used in many fields of industries. It is used in different products like beverages, liquid lubricants, cooking oils, cosmetics and liquid detergents etc. Our purpose is to fill and cap bottles with the help of Arduino.
   A conveyer is used for the transportation of the bottles from one section to the other. Sensors are used which check the position of bottle and send a signal when bottle has reached the filling or capping position. Solenoid valve (An electrically controllable valve) is used to have a control over the flow and amount of liquid filling in the bottle. When bottle reaches under the filling solenoid valve a position sensor sends a signal to the microcontroller which stops the conveyer and opens the solenoid valve to fill the bottle. When bottle is filled conveyer is started again in order to take bottle to the capping section. A rotating mechanism is used to cap the bottle. Pictures of that machine are given in the figure below.

Advisor:  Major Javed Iqbal  

Group Members:

Name: Khawar Ali
Phone: 03046981710

Name: H.Umer Farooq
Phone: 03364462886

Name: Rana Zain Idrees
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Name: Saleem Asghar
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