Title: High Frequency, High Voltage Signal Generator


    This project will produce signal of high frequency and high voltage using ferrite core transformer being driven by converter with push pull topology. PWM is given by STM32l100 with dead time insertion.
   Most of the power supplies being used in the industry usually provide high voltage, but high frequency is the feature they lack in. With the modernization of the power systems, the effect of high frequency is considerably turned into a blessing in disguise for electrical power engineers. We have used this high frequency in our project which has reduced the size of the whole setup.
   This generator is mainly used for insulation testing of insulators at high frequency, Plasma generation is also possible with such generators, but require rather larger specifications. It provides a prototype of the generator to be used in bio-medical purposes like “Electro-chemotherapy’’.

Advisor:  Dr. Muhammad Tahir   

Group Members:

Name: Atiq ur Rehman

Name: Waqar Sarwar
Phone: 03234235439

Name: Wesam Al Shoubaki

Name: Yasir Arshad