Title: Energy Metering With Theft Detection


    In a developing country like Pakistan, which is facing severe energy crisis for last few years, energy distribution should be impeccably managed. Demand has been increased exponentially as compared to generation and sources ; yet the major problem is theft of power and unfruitful dissipation of power i.e. energy dissipated by measuring and transporting devices .e.g. energy meters and transmission lines(metering and line losses).
   A distribution system is back bone of a power system. A system having losses can never be productive.These losses must be reduced. Line losses and that of metering can’t reduce to zero as they are part of electricity supply system. We can justify these losses as all real processes involve power dissipation and efficiency less than one.
   Yet no one can ever justify losses due to theft. These theft losses must reduce to zero andthrough proper management it can be done.
   A well-managed power distribution system requires energy metering of authorized consumers along with detection of theft.
   This project aims at developing a scheme to detect any un-authorized consumers. Here we compare power consumed by genuine bill-paying consumers with total power delivered by the substation. In this way, we provide information about the location of particular feeder enduring energy-theft, thereby enabling manual tripping of unofficial connections.

Advisor:  Naveed Nawaz  

Group Members:

Name:Waqas Arshad

Name:Saif ur Rehman
Phone: 03336131259

Name:Ahsan Nadeem
Phone: 03234878203

Name:Syed Qamar Ali