Title: Overload Power Control using GSM module


    In University hostels, unfair consumption of electricity has been observed frequently specially in winter season. Students use electric heaters, electric iron and electric kettles which put extra burden on power generators. Cost of fuel for these generators is very high which disrupts university budget. The main objective of our project is to prevent unfair energy usage beyond the maximum allowed energy by university power house to each hostel.
    Energy consumption in each hostel will be audited by using Smart meter. The power is measured at different time interval. These time intervals can be programmable. If any invariance in power flow is found, tripping device will take the charge there by cutting off power supply to the hostel. Microcontroller will be attached to GSM module which will communicate to power house. Power supply to the hostel will be restored as soon as it gets the signal from power house.

Advisor:  Naveed Nawaz   

Group Members:

Name: Muhammad Zaid
Phone: 03247423939

Name: Saad Ahmed
Phone: 03332347106

Name: Hafiz M Zahid
Phone: 03324403059

Name: Haider Ali
Phone: 03015981571