Title: Portable Heart Attack Monitoring and Detection System


    There exists a demand for Cardiac Monitoring system as current implementations are in their underdeveloped stages, high in cost and inaccessible to the vast majority in Pakistan. The system design aims to provide solutions to the problems encountered in acquiring low voltage signals from the body, providing remote transmission of ECG data and also storing it on an SD card for long term monitoring purposes. The final solution included coming up with a feasible circuit implementation, using two different types of wireless modules to send data wirelessly to a computer for analysis.

Advisor:  Dr. Noor Muhammad Sheikh   

Group Members:

Name: Taimur Adnan
Phone: 0331-4999259

Name: M.Hamza
Phone: 0321-4960700

Name: Hassan Mustafa
Phone: 0321-4662549

Name: M. Ahsan Idrees
Phone: 0345-4333769