Title: Surveillance System Using 3G


    Video Surveillance is important as far as security is concerned these days. Commercial spaces, schools and hospitals, warehouses and other challenging indoor and outdoor environments require high end cameras. The current technologies require RFIDs which are costly and hence the security domain in all becomes expensive. This paper describes the use of low cost single –board computer Raspberry Pi which follows human detection algorithm using Open CV library. This new technology is less expensive and in this paper it is used as a standalone platform for hosting image processing. The paper aims at developing a system which captures real time images and displays them on browser using TCP/IP. The algorithm for human detection is being implemented on raspberry pi which enables live video streaming along with detection of humans.

Advisor:  Dr. Noor Muhammad Sheikh   

Group Members:

Name: Aneek Imtiaz
Phone: 03224133430

Name: Iqra dar
Phone: 03351425506

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Name: Iram Shahzadi
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