Title: STM Microcontroller Based Analyzer of a Power Transmission Line Laboratory


    The implementation of a power transmission line model to measure its parameters.
   We implement three power transmission line models namely the short, medium and long transmission line model.
   An STM microntroller is used to sense the sending and receiving end voltages and current which are then processed by the microcontroller to calculate the A B C D values of the respective line models.
   Using this model, we can know the practical values of the transmission line prior to its installation and know if the designed transmission line fit our criteria.
   This report explains the components being used in detail, their working principles and the techniques involved.

Advisor:  Dr. Omer Waqar   

Group Members:

Name:M. Hashim Khurram

Name:Saleh Murtaza

Name:Tahir abbas
Phone: 03317145388

Name:Temoor Ahmed