Title: Power Line Communication with its Application of Monitoring and Control


    ‘Power line communication’ is a technology that sends data through existing electrical power cables alongside the electrical current. We study the need and standards of power lines for communication purposes. In our project, we presented both a broad overview and a technical reference on data transmission over power lines with a comprehensive presentation dealing with the different aspects of this technology and its design. We designed a FSK modulated PLC system with its complete components design from filter modules to isolation modules. The demodulator design is also discussed in detail and the complete system is implemented in both in software and hardware form. Further we have worked on its application of monitoring and control through GUI while sending the control signal through PLC modules.

Advisor:  Dr. Omer Waqar   

Group Members:

Name: Hassaan bin Masood
Phone: 03366995100

Name: Umar Farooq
Phone: 033362020007

Name: Osama Zaeem
Phone: 03134430996

Name: Azam Munir
Phone: 03454335629