The tanning industry in Pakistan has developed and expanded by leaps and bounds during the last decade. This is because of the continuously increasing demand of leather accessories in the international market. Previously the leather dyeing machines were operated mechanically. Now with the advancement in microprocessor systems, the crude mechanical systems in all fields are being replaced by the controller based systems.
   Currently in the leather dyeing process much of the dye is wasted due to manual or mechanically controlled system thus it costs too much. Industrial Leather Spray economizer is a model of automatic dyeing process .Sheet passed on the conveyer belt is scanned and sprayed without any wastage of dye. Sheet is scanned through an array consisting of 24 IR sensors and the data is fed into a 24*48 matrix. According to the data stored in this matrix spraying is done through a rotating sprayer which consists of spray guns modelled by lasers.

Advisor:  Dr. Tahir Izhar   

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