Title:   Monitoring of Distribution Transformer through GSM Module


     Distribution Transformers are important part of power transmission and distribution system.When faults occur in trans-formers due to over load, over temperature, short circuit and over voltage then they get damaged. It is very costly to repair and maintain the transformer, apart from discontinued service. A substation can provide information about the state of a transformer, but are very expensive to implement and unjustified in case of distribution transformer. Transformers being the essential part of power transmission system are expensive, as is the cost of power interruptions. Because of the cost of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, especially at remote sites, the industry has begun investing in instrumentation and monitoring of transformer. On-line transformer diagnostics using conventional technologies like carrier power line communication, Radio frequency based control system, and Supervisory control and data acquiring systems, and Internet based communications are having their own limitations.
   Unlike ZigBee and similar solutions GSM is a digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services over a well-established backbone of transmission tower round the globe incorporating secure and reliable protocols. This project objective is to develop low cost solution for monitoring health condition of remotely located distribution transformers using GSM technology to prevent failure of distribution transformers through sustained faults and improving reliability of services to the customers. An Embedded based hardware design is developed to acquire data from electrical sensing system. This sensing system senses current and voltage from current transformer and potential transformer. It consists of a sensing system, signal conditioning electronic circuits, advanced embedded hardware for middle level computing, a powerful computer network for further transmission of data to various places. Through serial communication GSM modules can be used to transmit acquired data to relevant monitoring stations for proper corrective action at the earliest. The performance of prototype model developed is tested at laboratory for monitoring various parameters like transformer over load, over/under voltage, over temperature.

Advisor:  Dr. Tahir Izhar   

Group Members:

Name: Ammar Rafique
Phone: 03467179288

Name: Ejaz Hussain
Phone: 03457324889

Name: Hasnat M. Waseem
Phone: 03026504121

Name: Sohaib Ahmad
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