Title: Implementation of WIFI Based Home Automation using Master Slave


    Slam-based robot addresses the problem of creating a map of an unknown environment having static or dynamic landmarks and simultaneously locat ing its position in the map. Localization and mapping are interdependent so doing both simultaneously is a non-trivial task. A solution to the SLAM problem would help a robot in forming a complete map of the environment without any human assistance.
   Our project is based on an autonomous robot which moves randomly in an indoor environment with static landmarks. We have used the extended Kalman lter as a solution to the SLAM problem.

Advisor:  Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fayyaz   

Group Members:

Name: Fareeha Mahmood
Phone: 03324585234

Name: Mobeena Mushtaq
Phone: 03344774565

Name: Sarosh Zulfiqar
Phone: 03224324353

Name: Sonia Iqbal
Phone: 03310142404