Title:   Impact Assessment of Grid Integrated Network in Hybrid Mode


   As the demand for energy is higher than ever before, the world needs new ideas for clean power generation. Renewable energy is abundantly found anywhere, free of cost and has nonpolluting characteristics. However, these energy sources are based on the weather condition and possess inherited intermittent nature, which hinders stable power supply.
   The wind power generation depends from plants depend on many factors, primarily air density, wind speed etc. Since these parameters are variable, therefore, the output from wind power plant would vary on both daily and seasonally. In general, the capacity factor or availability of wind power generation is in the range of 30-35%. The transmission lines and grid stations constructed for evacuation of the wind power generation to the grid system remain available all the time. In other words, it will not be economically and efficiently utilized throughout the life time of wind power generation which about 25 years.
   On the other hand, for Solar PV plant their energy is available only during day time when day/sun light is available and there is no contribution from solar PV generation during night. The generation from solar PV plant is also variable. In general, the capacity factor or availability of solar PV generation about 17% which is quite less even from wind power generation. Integrated system of two or more renewable energy systems, also known as hybrid renewable energy system (HRES), is gaining popularity because the sources can complement each other to provide higher quality and more reliable power to customer than single source system.
   Advantage of this kind of hybrid system is that they are both renewable energies, which is compatible to the environment. The main purpose of such hybrid power systems is to overcome the intermittency and uncertainty of wind energy and to make the power supply more reliable.

Advisor:  Dr. Zubair A. Khan   

Group Members:

Name: Fareeha Nasir

Name: Zahra Noor

Name: Ambreen Liaquat