Title: Application Control through Brain Computer Interface


    In a country like Pakistan, where the percentage of persons with disabilities (PWD) burgeons on a yearly basis, the development and utilization of equipment to aid these people on a day to day basis is paramount. Their disabilities not only prevents them from being an active and equal part of the society but also proves to be an impediment in their paths to performing the simplest of activities. According to a survey done by the “Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD)” in 2012, the current annual growth rate of disabilities is going unchecked at 2.65% per annum as compared to the annual growth rate of 2.03% of the total population in Pakistan. Surely these statistics herald the evolvement of a catastrophic outbreak that needs to be combated in an appropriate and efficacious manner.
   From the gamut of various forms of disabilities that circumscribe these people, disabilities that subsume mobility, communication and control can be ameliorated by the implementation of appropriate technology. If we take immobility under consideration, this disability can either be an anomaly from birth or something developed later on. Apart from this, victims of various accidents, for example, also have to go through a similar trauma where their movement is confined to a single wheelchair. Old age brings about a similar story where the person is left enervated from all forms of strength and energy. They have to live a life that is defined by dependency on others even for the minutest of tasks. The problem under consideration is to present a solution to their problems and lessen the dependency that they have on others. That is to make their lives closer to what it would have been if they were normal.
   No matter what the source and time of occurrence of the disability is one thing is for sure that we require a device where the actuating signal provided to perform a specific task needs to be independent from any form of physical movement. This constraint leaves us to imbibe ourselves into the arena of Electroencephalography (EEG), which is to utilize our brain signals as the actuating signals. Our brain works and functions around the clock from the time of our birth to our eventual demise. The beauty of using EEG signals is the way in which everything is organized.

Advisor:  Dr. Zubair Khalid   

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