M.Sc. Students (Completed)

Muhammad Umer Arshad: Transfer Function Investigation of Power Equipment using Multi-Stage High Voltage Impulse Generator

Salman Fakhar: Short Term Hydrothermal Scheduling using Fully Informed Particle Swarm Optimization

Muhammad Hamid Raza: SVPWM Controlled BLDC Motor Drive Using Modified Zeta Converter for Power Factor Correction

Arqam Ilyas: Power Flow Control in Underwater Substation for Wave Energy Converters using Active Rectifier

Noor Ul Ain: Multiplexer based Intelligent Controller for Multi-Input and Multi-port Converters for Smart Grids

Usama Elahi: Flux Estimation for Sensor-less Control of a PMSM using FPGAs

Farhan Ahmed Butt: Efficient Fault Detection Technique for BLDC Motor using Electrical Signature Analysis

Saad Saleem Khan: Rotor Insipient Fault Detection in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Umer Hiyat Gondal: Investigation and Implementation of the Impact of SVC and STATCOM on FESCO Transmission System

Umair Javaid: Modeling and Control of Wind Power Generation System Using Linear Parameter Varying Technique

Sabir Ali: Direct Torque Control of Inverter Fed Three Phase Induction Motor by Implementing Fuzzy Logic Controller

Rehan Majeed: Bi-Polar Quasi Z-Source Inverter Based HVDC Link for Synchronization of Renewable Energy Resources with Smart Grid

Muhammad Kamran: ANN Based Slide Mode Controller for Sensor-less Speed Control of Induction Motor

Salman Mazher: Optimal Dispatch of Thermal Generating Units by using Levy Flight Firefly Algorithm

M.Sc. Students (In progress)

Muhammad Awais:

Suhail Afzal:

Arjamand Khaliq:

Aisha Kiran:

Ph.D. Students (In progress)

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