Power Electronics

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Reference Material

Chapter 3: Thyristor basics PDF

Three Phase Controlled Rectifiers PDF

DC-AC Converters/Inverters PDF

Lab Handouts

Lab 1: Half Wave Rectifier using R Triggering PDF

Lab 2: Half Wave Rectifier using R-C Triggering PDF

Lab 3: Full Wave Rectifier using R and R-C Triggering PDF

Lab 4: PWM Generation using TL494 PDF

Lab 5: Single Phase Rectifier with Inductive Load PDF

Lab 6: Optically isolated Gate Driver for N-Channel MOSFET PDF

Lab 7-8-9: DC-DC Converters PDF

Lab 10: R-C Triggering Triac Circuit PDF

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TL494: PWM Control Circuits PDF

Lecture Slides

Three Phase Controlled Rectifiers Video

Single Phase Controlled Rectifiers Video

DC-DC Converters Video

DC-AC Converters/Inverters Video

Thermal Design PDF

Regulators PDF


Quiz 1 PDF

Lab Projects

Lab Project 1: Single Phase Inverter PDF

Project Notes: Single Phase Inverter PDF

Lab Project 2: Three Phase Inverter PDF


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